Crushed by the Hammer

Journal of Samael the Vengeful 1

Bag full of hammers

The Hammer? An ends to a means I suppose. But it has let me find the exceptional ones in this city. The elite. My people. Each of these new found allies has their strengths and each of them have their secrets as well. Some more so than others.

I find myself pondering on the shape shifter more oft than not. How can one find trustworthiness in a species who’s nature is to deceive? I lean upon Boccob for understanding but as usual I find him uncaring. Perhaps that is the message though?

The elf. Claims to be a woodelf. This seems odd to me as he doesn’t appear to be like the ones I’ve met back home. Odd skin coloring for a wilder. Still a good fighter and conducts himself with the fairness I’ve come to expect from that race. Maybe they have albinos in their race? I should seek out this information when we return to the temples.

The human. A cleric. One would think he and I would see eye to eye. However I can’t help but feel that he is hiding something about his true beliefs. Still, I’d rather have an ally that espouses religion than one that does not.

The Minotaur. Seems to be no pretense here. This one seems mostly good apart from his odd culinary pursuits. At least he does not hide his motivations. Although I can’t help but wonder if he’s pondering which sauce to pair with my wings when I fall in battle.

All in all a decent bunch and well worth whatever negatives they come from as allies. The demons that wronged me are said to be here. This hammer may yet guide me to them. This time these elite will be alongside me.

Hear me demons! By Boccob ye shall not survive the second encounter. No scholars shall you find to vanquish this battle. Nay it is seasoned warriors that ye face. Look upon your doom and dismay!


Biggo crashlined

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